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11 Threats to Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

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Landing pages are used to get your visitors to perform an action.  They are usually simple pages focusing on one thing. 

Landing pages can be used to:

  • Promote special offers
  • Sell a product
  • Subscribe to blogs or newsletters
  • Download giveaways such as an ebook or white paper

Designing landing pages is quite hard.  You may think you know all the rules but they don't always work.  You'll know if your landing pages are working because they will be converting visitors into customers. 

Below you will find some of the threats causing poor conversions. 

Your ad Copy Doesn't Match Your Page Headline.

Whether a PPC advert or your organic listing in the search engines bring your visitors into your website, the copy which compelled them to click on your website must match the headline on your landing page.  This way you are meeting your visitor expectation; this makes them less likely to abandon your page. 

Your Headline Doesn't Make Sense.

Your headline needs to attract attention and make the visitor want to keep reading. 

Make your headline useful to the reader and keep it specific to the information on the page. 

Poor Grammar and Misspelled Words.

This is becoming a bigger issue.  If you want to look professional your spelling and grammar has to be good. 

Some visitors will get hung up on a misspelt word or a poorly written sentence and can't or won't move on from it, and they will abandon your page. 

Show Your Visitor you can be Trusted.

Your visitor may like your offer but they are worried about giving you their details because they don't know if they can trust you. 
How to build trust:

  • Use social sharing buttons which show how many times your page has been shared.
  • If a well know brand endorses your product put that on your landing page.
  • If you require third party trust signals such as a recognised secure payment system put it on your page.
  • Use testimonials from customers who have purchased your product.

Your Call to Action Doesn't Stand out.

Make your call to actions stand out by contrasting them against the rest of colours used on your page. 

There is a lot of talk about above the fold (page on screen before scowling down) and below the fold.  This was invented by newsrooms for newspapers and seems to have been adopted by marketing folks. 

Only by testing your pages will know if a call to action above the fold or below the fold works best for you. 

Is Your Call to Action Hidden?

Calls to actions are there to guide your visitor through a process they want to complete.  Make sure they are easy to spot and not hidden.  A simple link isn't enough. 

If you are Making Claims Provide Proof.

If you are telling your visitor by buying your product they will see sales increase by 25%, you should provide an example and proof. 

Don't Include Links to Other Pages.

Your landing page should answer all the questions your visitor is likely to have.  There should be no reason for them to have to go to any other page within your website.  Keep them moving towards their goal and do not include links which will take them away from that goal. 

Include Good Quality Videos.

Marks and Spencer had a huge success when they introduced videos to their clothes landing pages.  It was the final confirmation ladies needed before they purchased. 

Video can help boost conversions but they have to be high quality.  If you do not have the money or time to invest in high quality video, skip this part. 

You are Over Crowding Your Landing Page.

The easiest way to convey your message to your visitor is to keep your landing page simple with lots of white space. 

Use different size text and colours to show importance of the information being given.  Use bullet points to cut down on sentences. 

If you have to have a long page which goes below the fold then that's ok.  In some cases, especially where the visitor needs more information a two page landing page can work better than one. 

Have You Looked At Your Analytics?

Analytics provide you with lots of data, if you know how to manipulate that data it will provide you with answers to your questions.  Make friends with it and use the data to test your landing pages. 

First time round your landing page may not work, a few alterations, or a colour difference could change that.  You will only know if you look at your analytics and test different things to find out what your visitor truly wants from your website. 

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