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Why You Need Lots of Landing Pages to Help Sales


Landing pages are designed for one purpose; to help your visitor perform an action.  That action could be anything from subscribing to your blog through to purchasing a product.  Landing pages can be apart of your main website design or a separate domain which supports your main website. 

Many companies only put a few landing pages together and don't think of the benefits and rewards many landing pages will bring.  They can help you rank for many keywords and target different people at different stages of the purchasing funnel. 

Why you need to start adding more landing pages to your website. 

Once you get over 15 landing pages you could see a 55% increase in leads.  (source: Hubspot) Leads continue to increase beyond this 55% as you add further landing pages. 

Why there is an increase in conversion opportunities. 

It's very simple, the more landing pages you have the more keywords you can target.  Also you have a greater number of pages to be indexed in the search engines, in turn giving you more opportunities in being found by searchers. 

Even better, if a visitor comes into your site at the landing page stage, they don't have to peruse your website to then click on a call to action which brings them to your landing page.  In effect you have reduced the number of clicks to get a person to take action.  We have all heard about 3 clicks and your out!

The more landing pages you have the more offers you can make to your visitors. 

People coming to your website will be in different stages of the purchasing funnel.  Some want information (blogs, white papers), some what to know more about your company (proof of the work you can do), others are ready to buy (contact). 

By having many different types of landing pages you can cater to your visitors needs and move them through the purchasing funnel. 

The easiest way to increase the volume of landing pages you have. 

Invest in a content manager system (CMS), such as DR Adept's, or a landing page creation tool. 

Asking your website developer to create multiple landing pages for you can be expensive and take longer to implement than if you do them yourself. 

By investing in a CMS which allows for easy creation of landing pages will save you time and money in the long run. 

Landing pages need thought and planning. 

Whatever you do, don't just start throwing landing pages together.  Sit down and look at your current offers.  Are there any gaps where you can create new offers? Can you offer multiple versions of the same thing?

The number of landing pages you produce should grow as your business grows.  Put a plan together of how many offers you can come up with and how many landing pages you want to implement and when; bearing in mind the more you have the more leads you will gain. 

Reuse existing content to create landing pages. 

Have a look at the content that already exists in your website.  Can any of it be updated and reused on your landing pages? Finding content you can reuse will save you time having to come up with new content and writing it. 

Landing pages can be used to track other advertising streams. 

You can also create multiple landing pages on your website or on separate domains.  They can be used to bring traffic from advertising into these landing pages where you can measure performance of the advert. 

By doing this you can use the same copy but target it to the advert bringing the traffic to that landing page.  It is also a great way to quickly find out which traffic is better at converting on your website.  Helping you to determine where you need to spend more money. 


Landing pages are not something to be rushed into, they need thought and planning.  They also need a measure of testing and tweaking until you get the best conversion rate possible.  But they are great at converting visitors into customers as they are far more targeted than your product or service pages within your website. 

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