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You can never do enough backups

How frustrating and stressful is losing all your data...  the answer is VERY VERY and not something I would recommend. 

I want you to think for a second how much stress would it cause if your hard drive stopped working today?
If you couldn't access your data or load your emails or open files that you work on every day. 

Think about it as it is a huge possibility it could happen tomorrow. 

Drives are very reliable now but there are a lot of other factors such as Windows or OS updates, firmware updates, firewall and anti-virus updates that can affect how hardware works with your computer. 

One update could render your data inaccessible, plug in a new piece of hardware and other hardware stops working. 

Or plain old simple data corruption due to age of the drives or power failure or hardware being unplugged or plugged in at the wrong time. 

If you think you are making enough backups then think again, I make full backups pretty regularly every month, complete backups take around 16 hours in all and so it gets a little tedious. 

A lot can happen in a month, and normally the newest files I have worked on are the ones I need right now.  Those are the ones more likely to be lost. 

Backup now.  Backup using the old Son, Father and Grandfather method.  use an off-line backup facility to be even more safe as data recovery is not a pleasant experience and it 'aint half expensive. 

If you would like some off-line backup options then Contact DR Adept

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