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Website Design & Development

DR Adept develops websites (for businesses of all sizes) that look great, function perfectly and are focused on your customer's needs as well as your business objectives. 

Creating a website is so much more than simply buying a domain name and throwing any old site on to it.  Your website could be the first point of contact a customer has with your business, getting your design and image right is as important as the exposure that brought that visitor to your website in the first place. 

DR Adept is capable of building websites from the ground up and can create functional additions to your current site to make it look even better. 

DR Adept has built a number of bespoke website including E-commerce sites, all having to be tailored made to our clients specific requirements.  We understand complex functionality, engaging your customer and making your site efficient. 

DR Adept offers a personal service that will see you working directly with David for all development and design work.

What we do

Website Design

We help bring your ideas to life.

We have great imaginations, the vision and the expertise to capture your audience's attention and make you stand out from the crowd.


Website Development

DR Adept shines when it comes to development.  We streamline your website to make it easier for future changes, also to help search engines understand your website, and to increase organic performance.

We can tailor your website to suit your needs.


Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your website to change to fit the device it is being viewed on.  Be that a desktop, tablet or a smart phone.

It is vital your website can be seen and easily navigated on your visitor's chosen device.



Selling online is now the next step businesses must take to survive.

DR Adept has created simple E-commerce systems through to complex systems for pharmacies.

We look at your customer's journey and create an online store that works for you.


Content Management System

Our content manager makes it simply for you to update or change your content whenever you feel like it.

We have developed many features over the years and adapt the CMS to our clients needs and requirements.  We have gallery systems, blog systems, SEO editor to make life easy for implementing SEO within your website, membership managers, customer managers, order processing, newsletter system and many many more.  If we don't do it we can develop it for you.



It's no longer good enough to simply have a website.  The internet is a very competitive place, you need to stand out from the crowd and your website has to work the way your customers expect it too.

Layout, language, emotion and speed all play their part in helping a new visitor to your site trust you and make a purchase straight off without visiting your competitor's site.



A picture is worth a thousand words.  Illustrations are a great way to get your message across to your audience quickly.

We have the ability to create illustrations that are memorable and socially engaging.


Graphic Design

There are many aspects to web design and development that are not usually thought about or considered when first starting a project, how the images are seen by different devices and browsers can be a stumbling block.  Creating all your images as JPG photos is a big mistake that a lot of smaller, or lower priced, design companies fall into. 

Each image should be dealt with individually to determine the best format, GIF, PNG, JPG or the latest format SVG as well as creating a font if your site uses many different icons, each of these formats should be considered when producing the final result.


Bitmap to Vector and Font Conversion

As well as creating images and files for your website Dr Adept can create them for your stand alone projects.  Converting your bitmap logo into a vector file allows that file to be sized to a much larger extent without losing quality.  Converting that vector into a font file allows you to embed the font within PDF documents and send them via email to your customers.  Converting that vector into an SVG file allows you to resize it within a browser or even animate it.


...and more

Our industry is ever changing and we strive to adapt to meet our customer's needs.

Even if we haven't mentioned something you are looking for please do not hesitate contacting us, we'll probably be able to help you.



I was recommended DR Adept by a friend when I was having problems with my old website.  David came to my work to discuss my needs and within the day I was back up and running, my new full website was complete in no time and his continuing support has been great.  Highly recommended!

Essex Auto Tints



Dr Adept's professional and sleek website designs secured repeat business with us for our new website needs.  David has completely redesigned and modernised our relaunched website; we really did pile on the content this time around and are very pleased with David's innovative clean design and easy to navigate approach to the site.

Wallclad Floors and Doors



DR Adept has provided a service that went above and beyond our expectations for a website designer.  The Dedication the company has to providing us with the best possible website has been exemplary.  We are very impressed and will be returning to DR Adept in the near future to provide us with a new website for our other business.

Thurrock International Film Festival



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