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Why You Need a Dynamic Website

Dynamic Websites

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Understand why you are creating content for your website.

Content creationThe misconception about what content marketing can and can't actually achieve for a business hurts many departments as well as agencies because of the lack of sufficient budget and time investment as well as the business owners expectation for quick results. 

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Make Your Website Work Harder

Make Your Website Work HarderGone are the days when you could launch a website and wait for the sales to start rolling in. 

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Great Inbound Marketing Resources

Here's some more fantastic information from some great people in the digital marketing industry. 

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Digital Marketing Misconceptions

digital marketingI have signed up to many blogs which are based around digital marketing, SEO and design.  The people I follow are considered to be the industry leaders, yet I'm getting suspicious about some of the information they are providing.  I guess it is reasonable for the industry leaders not to want to give away all their secrets, but I do feel sometimes they only give half of the information which leads to website optimisation misconceptions. 

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