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DRA understands the problems facing small business, from starting a business, running a business, getting online, managing day to day content creation and search engine results, keeping ahead of the competition, and all the things that can seem a little daunting to normal people trying to run a business.

We want to make it simple and easy for your business to compete in this confused and sometimes crowded marketplace.

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We are based in Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk close to Mildenhall.  We serve local businesses but also work extensively throughout the UK and the World.  As our main business is delivered online your location is not an issue for us, we have clients in Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Scotland and Wales.



Web Developer

helping companies manage their online business

David has over 25 years of experience in web design and development.  He started his career working with large companies like Amstrad, Camputers, Infocom, PC World, Toshiba, Apple, Southend Adult Education, and Essex County Council.  In this role, he gained experience as a coder, developer, trainer, and lecturer.

In 1998, David founded DR Adept with the goal of helping companies manage their online business.  He has since developed a number of innovative online services, including his own Content Management and E-commerce Systems, booking services, Calendar, Newsletter delivery systems, and gift voucher products.

David is passionate about helping small businesses, like yours, succeed online.  He understands the challenges that small businesses face when they do not have their own in-house IT or Web Development teams.  That's why he's committed to providing his clients with the best possible service.






In addition to Christina's core skills as a business analyst, she also has a strong creative streak allowing her to write content in many different subjects for clients of the highest level. 

Prior to joining DR Adept in 2008 Christina worked for a number of high profile clients in London, including Operis, Readers Digest, Network Europe, Mersk, Morgan Stanley, and Woodchester Finance as a Certified Chartered Accountant and business analyst. 

Christina is passionate about creating content then using analytics to see how that content performed, which means she is constantly learning and improving her techniques to get the best performance from our clients websites.  While at DR Adept she has developed a number of innovative systems including, our blogging and content management system.




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We are a small team in Bury St Edmunds and Basildon, lead by David Radisic, specialising in results-driven web design solutions for businesses like yours. 

We start by taking our cues from YOU.  After all, you know your business better than anyone.  By asking the right questions, and conducting a fair amount of research, we have the knowledge to make informed creative decisions that will positively impact your business.

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