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Website Design and Development

Great website design is all about understanding your customer needs.  We've been helping businesses just like yours meet their customer needs, since we started way back in 1998.

We know what people and search engines want from your website and we know how to get you listed correctly in the search engine results.  We also know what makes a customer want to visit your website again and again as well as contact you.

Visit our Case Studies, for more details of how we have helped other businesses.

Reliable and Easy to use

ECommerce Website Design

You need a reliable and easy to use e-commerce system that fits perfectly with your business and users needs

We work with you to produce a website that your user will find simple to use.

We look at your customer's journey and create an online store that works for you.

Our e-commerce platform includes these features:

  • Guest Checkout
  • Unlimited Product Sales
  • E-Gift Card Sales
  • eBook Sales
  • Pay using e-gift card
  • Tailored Shipping options
  • Easy Sales Management and Processing
  • Automated Designed Delivery Email
  • Tracking Package Email Notification
  • Invoice Email
  • Designed Abandoned Cart Email
  • and much more...

Start selling direct from your website

Simple Cart System

Our Simple Cart System allows you to simply sell from your website through your own online shop

Our simple cart system has been developed for non-commerce websites allowing you to add an e-commerce element to any content across your website, sell a product direct from your blog or from any page with a simple line of text, add products quickly and easily, start selling today.

Get started with one simple price of £20 a month, paid yearly added to your hosting.

Unlimited products, unlimited categories, unlimited photos, unlimited support, no fees on product sales.

Quick and easy Guest checkout system along with additional features allowing many different types of product to be sold direct from your website, physical or digital such as Gift cards, Ebooks, and other media.

Start selling now.

The CMS that fits your Business Needs

Content Manager System Developed in house

The Content Manager System that works for you and your business.

Part of what keeps users coming back to your website again and again is relevant, frequently updated content.

Wordpress and Joomla are great content managers to start blogging with, but as your business progresses you need to upgrade to a professional software package.

At DRA our CMS solutions can range from integrating a blog through to building a system that provides you with full control of all the content on your website.

Our CMS is included with any website design we produce and host at no extra cost to you.  We include it, because it makes our life and your life simpler knowing your website and content is secure and easy to update.

The DRA CMS is also available for those of you who already have a great website but just want a more dynamic content manager that is easy to use.

  • Content Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Blog Publication
  • Membership Manager
  • Newsletter Designer
  • Mailing List Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Banner Ad Manager
  • Digital Assets Manager
  • Sales Management

  • Gift Voucher Management
  • Multi-lingual Content
  • Easy SEO Integration
  • Stats Integration
  • Leads Tracking
  • Monthly Website Stats
  • Accessibility
  • Automated Database Backup
  • Maps Integration
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Blacklisted / Blocked Filtering

All this and more.

Content Manager System Developed in house
To fit your business perfectly

Hosting Services you can Rely on

DRA is able to provide shared or dedicated server solutions, domain registration and management with complete set up for any business. 

Our servers are retained in secure, specially constructed, climate controlled rooms in London Docklands and in the North of England. 

Every server is backed up daily and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Network traffic and server load is also monitored at regular intervals so your website runs at its optimal speed.

Keep your Website Safe and Secure

Secure Certificate SSL

Collecting personal information through your website requires an SSL certificate to keep your customers data safe and give your customers peace of mind.  Letting your customers know your website is secure and they can safely part with their information when completing forms on your website.

We ensure your site is safe and secure so you don't have to worry.

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from online stores, booking systems, and calendars, to generating revenue, nurturing a community of fans, and promoting your brand.  A website is the centre of any business that wants to survive in the online world.  You can't afford not to have one.

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