Are There More Ways To Increase Website Awareness

By Christina

May 29, 2018

We all want the answer about how to increase awareness of our business and earn more money.  You have the option of going long haul and doing it all yourself, or short haul by using a professional who has the knowledge and right tools to get you there faster and in the long run saving you lots of money.

There is not a universally correct way to increase website awareness, because each business type has a type of customer, and that type of customer will use different ways of finding what they want. 

When it comes to your website once you get it right the sky is the limit to how success it can be.  The best part about a website is, you are not forcing it on people, it is there waiting for people to find it because they are looking for what you do.  You just have to make sure it is placed correctly in the search engines so it can be found and it answers all your customers questions and makes them feel secure about buying from you.  Not forgetting it has to look better, work better and be more informative, and placed higher in the search engines then your competitions websites.

Once you've done enough on your website you will need to start tracking your marketing results.  Tracking your results will start giving you answers to the questions that give value to your business, then you'll be able to implement further changes to continue to make improvements to create awareness and sales.

Questions you may want to ask:

  • Where is your website in the search engine results for certain keywords.
  • How many visitors came into the website for a chosen keyword.
  • How many people are actually communicating with you through social media. 
  • How many visitors came into the website from social media. 
  • Where did they go on the website. 
  • Did they buy anything. 
  • Where are they leaving the website if they have not completed a purchase or completed a form.

Also conduct after sales marketing, ask people about their experience dealing with your company, it will highlight any snagging points that may put some people off.

Once you start answering these questions you'll be able to make significant changes to your website to drive more sales through it.

Amazon are a great example of a company that doesn't let their website sit still for very long.  They constantly test and make tiny changes that the customer hardly notices happening, but it all goes a long way in helping them create more sales.

Here are some useful tips to increase website awareness:

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Subscribe to software packages to monitor keywords, crawability, customer tracking etc.
  • Weekly - check out where you rank in the search engines for your keywords
  • Monthly - check your website can be crawled by the search engines
  • Quarterly - check where you are gaining links from
  • Biannual - check how well your content is performing
  • Annually - research keywords and competition

It will save you money to use a professional service.  To work faster you will need software to help you out, this will enable you to get on with the important stuff.  As an individual this is going to cost you a lot of money.  However, if a professional has a hundred customers, they can bulk buy the software and you'll be sharing the cost of that software with a hundred other companies.

You need to see improvements in your rankings within the major search engines, the higher you climb the more visitors will come to your website, this leads to more awareness.

Checking your websites crawlability is very important and time consuming.  It will highlight any problems the search engines and people may have getting to and around your website.  We highly recommend Moz software, you'll know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it; if you know enough about website development.  Sorting out any technical issues means a positive experience for search engines and people, creating a positive connection with your business.

Checking links shows you if you are getting the attention of the right people in your industry, this also helps you to understand if you are creating the right content.  Again getting the attention of the right people who will spread the word about your business creates more awareness.

Every bit of content you create on a new page needs to have its very own keyword it is targeting.  After a couple of months and enough visitors you will be able to tell how well your content is doing.  Content that performs well means you'll need to create more of this and less of the stuff that doesn't do well.  More of the good stuff creates a positive connection with your business, thus people will share that content with their connections making more people aware of you.

Finally find out what keywords are popular, and if there is a change in the trend of what people are searching for.  And check out your competition, make sure you are keeping ahead of them.

Social Media

  • Show your brand off with demonstrations
  • Build relationships with customers by talking to them
  • Increase sales, brand awareness and customer confidence
  • Receive fast customer reviews and comments
  • Lead generation
  • Increase of incoming traffic to your website
  • Improving position in the search engines
  • Reduces the cost of advertising

First off you will need to be where your customers are, as well as the social network having the functionality that will allow you to present your brand properly.

You can use Youtube to demonstrate your services or products or even your expertise in your industry.  This can help catch the attention of your industry leaders, journalist and your customers who will help share your content.

Facebook is a great place to build relationships with your customers.  They can either ask you a question, complain, give a review, give feed back and more.

Social Media shouldn't be used to go all out to generate leads or sales.  But sales can result from dealing with customers concerns about a product.

You can share products and services on Social Media and have a link back to your website.  This in turn brings more people into your website.  This sends a signal to the search engines that your website is busy and popular, which leads to you being placed higher in the search engine results.

Although you have to take into consideration the cost of your time, or the cost of using a professional to carry out social media participation for you.  You'll still be saving money as eventually you will be able to cut down on advertising, which is far more expensive, as word of mouth is a far better way for your business to be promoted.

Once you have a powerful brand, you won't be worrying about the search engine either.  People will search for you by name instead of by products.

PPC Advertising

  • Pay per click advertising in search engines and social media

PPC can be used in two ways:

  1. Create more awareness of your company name.  All you are interested in is how many times you get seen in the search engine results or in social media.
  2. You want the potential customer to take a direct action.  Buy a product, service, sign up, or make contact.

PPC is great in the short term, where you need immediate sales or awareness of your business.  Whereas, search engine optimisation and social media is aimed at the long term growth of a business.

Email Marketing

A newsletter can be the cheapest, quickest and most effective way to provide content to a target audience.  Since May 2018 you'll need permission to contact these people and have proof of how you received their permission and how you intend to use their data.

All the above methods can be used to create a customer contacts list.  These people are great to market too as they have already agreed to you contacting them on a regular basis about your products.

Website awareness does not only depend on the effectiveness of SEO and advertising campaigns and whatever other methods you use for promotion, but also it depends on how your business stands out amongst the crowd.

Being persistent with your brand design across all promotional material helps people to recognise you straight away, use the same logo, or colour or similar feel to all your advertising and marketing across all platforms.

Provide your customers with some value, whether quality content or keeping them happy with great customer service.

The best thing you can do is interact with your audience once you have one.

DRA Digital help businesses of all sizes attract new customers, with strategically designed and managed websites.

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