How Do I get My Business on Google Street View

By Christina

Apr 25, 2017

Have you every wondered how some businesses are getting the inside of their premises seen on Google Street View?

Anyone can wander around Google's street view maps then step straight inside shops, restaurants, hotels, factories, churches etc.

Here is how you can get your business onto Google Street View

In order to have Street View inside your business, you need to contact a Street View trusted photographer, who is certified and knowledgeable about Google's virtual tour creation.

A trusted photographer will contact you to arrange a visit to your premises.  This allows the photographer to see what can be included in your photo shoot as well as being able to give you an accurate cost.  You can not create a virtual tour of your business yourself, unless you sign up to be a Street View trusted photographer.  (At the time of writing this is changing - Google tends to change their policies every year.)

Alternatively, you can use the Street View app for Android or iOS, and use your phone to create photo spheres and link them together, just like Street View.  However, these will not show up under a "See inside" link on your Google My Business page, they just show up as photos under the 'photos' tab to visitors.  Once again, this method will not enable the 'see inside' link for your business.  It shows up as a regular Street View image where other publicly uploaded photos go.

DRA provided Google Street View See Inside, see our virtual tour page to book your see inside.

You can learn more about Googles progam here: Google streetview

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