How to Generate Greater Engagement In Facebook With These Top Tactics

How to Generate Greater Engagement In Facebook With These Top Tactics


Jun 03, 2020

It's getting harder to see organic engagement within Facebook posts from your pages.  There is more competition who are all working harder to get the consumers attention, it's so easy to fall behind or get buried under a mound of content.

Here are some top tactics that should help you to create greater engagement in Facebook:

1.  Update profile and cover photos

Change your profile picture and cover photos regularly.  Your followers get notified every time it's changed keeping them and your page up to date.

  • profile pictures should always feature your brand's logo.
  • there is a lot of space in the cover photo, make it count by including special offers, your unique selling proposition (USP) and/or contact details.

2.  Take a selfie

People love looking at faces.  Post some selfies of you and your staff and let people know what you're all up to, especially if they have done something special, or you want to say thank you to them.  Your audience will engage and react strongly to these types of posts.

3.  Be yourself

Use the same language you would use in real life when you talk to friends, family and customers.  Don't create a persona unless that persona is your brand, such as the Meerkats for Money Supermarket.  People prefer to connect with the real you, which is why Richard Branson is still the face of Virgin, being yourself will help to grow your following faster than being fake.

4.  Share what's on your mind

Don't have a rant, share positive things that are on your mind and see if people respond.  People are interested in people, not the corporate front.  It's nice to see the people behind the brand and find out that you have things in common with them.

5.  Get to know your audience

Post questions to drive reactions and engagement.  People love sharing their opinions, especially in an easy format.  Make sure you acknowledge and reply to all comments.

6.  Highlight your fans

Shout about your customers by posting about them.  This will build trust and credibility.  Highlighting real customers who are using your products or services shows you are proud of what you do.  Your customers will also love receiving a shout-out from you.

7.  Thank your followers

When followers take the time to engage and comment on your posts.  It doesn't hurt to take the time to say thank you to them.  They will feel appreciated and heard and will give them the confidence to come back and comment again.

8.  Company milestones

It's great to share company milestones, it shows you are still growing or staying strong so you'll be around for a long time.  Sharing details of anniversaries, new clients or staff achievements gives off a positive vibe people will want to engage with.

9.  Post product photos

One picture can speak a thousand words.  Photos can often sell a product better than words will, photos of your product in use by customers are even better.  Seeing others using a product is a great testimonial that the product is worth buying.

10.  Share blog articles

If you blog for your website always share those articles on Facebook.  This will help drive more people to your website where it will be easier to sell to them.

Blogs that do well in Facebook are

  • How to
  • Top tips
  • Industry trends
  • Industry news

11.  Share Testimonials

Sharing your customers testimonials will build your credibility, it also gives your customer a bit of attention.

12.  Share trends

Posts about trending topics are rewarded by Facebook's news feed algorithms.  Find the trends that your audience is likely to have a conversation over and share it with them.  As an example, someone selling wild flower seeds could share trends about the plight of the honey bee.  This then gives you an opportunity to chat to your community about any issue and build stronger relationships with them.

13.  Educational posts

Educational posts are always valuable to consumers.  Sharing tips, tutorials, and industry-related news your audience finds value in will lead to comments, likes and sharing.

14.  Post inspiring quotes

Inspiring quotes can be uplifting and create a positive feeling which will become connected with your company.

15.  Talk about charities and causes

Most people have a charity that is close to their hearts.  If your business works with a charity share how your business works with them or how you give back to your community and let people know why that charity is important to you.

16.  Boost your posts
When you post something on your page, you'll notice Facebook usually asks you if you want to boost it.  They charge for this as they will be sending your post out to a targeted group of people who are valuable to you.  For a small cost of £5 you can reach another 1,000 people who wouldn't have seen your post if it wasn't for the boost.

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