Undo Feature

Undo Feature added storing deleted and updated content which can be updated



Added a new Notifications button at top right showing New Orders, Contacts and Gift Cards about to expire.


Dashboard Update

Added Mailing List Data to Dashboard stats


SEO Feature update

Added Canonical information to the Meta Data popup, making it easy to see if the page being viewed is a copy of another page url.


Newsletter System Update

Working on new methods to send email newsletters ready for the Christmas rush, get in touch if you would like a newsletter designed and sent out in time for Christmas


Statistics Update

Added full blog viewing stats to see show how well your blogs perform


Order Status Updated

Added some new status settings for orders of Gift Cards and digital download products


Attributes or Options

Stock levels for options can now be set very quickly in the Options Editor


Order Processing Update

Added order checklist and dispatch form for using to pack the order ready for shipping


Added Voucher code

Added a new Voucher code for discount valid during September 2023 ANNIVERSARY25


Export updates

Added some new Exporting facilities allowing data to be exported, for record keeping, backup, and transferred to other platforms etc.


SEO Updates

Fixed an issue with duplicate Meta data and added a feature to view any duplicate page Title tags to help with SEO work.


Backup and Monthly Stats rewrite

Adding automated backup and monthly stats emailer to the server jobs rather than being part of visitors ensures this is automatically carried out twice a week without impacting visitors


Basket Management Updates

Admin can now search and add products to customers baskets on the fly during or after purchase


Import and Export Update

Added Export and Import for Digital Download Products


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with the Sitemap when mapping pages to categories


Bug Fixing

Fixing some persistent bugs in the CMS code and making it more secure.


CMS Updates

Any CMS Updates now emailed out to clients letting them know what is new and fixed.


Attributes or Options

Changed the name of attributes to Options and added a feature to allow dragging and dropping the order of items


Content Fields Editor

Streamlined the content editor for fields and updated the layout


Discount Codes updated

Now discount codes can be assigned to specific products giving customers discounts only for a particular item that is on offer


Attribute Editor and Name change

Enhanced Attribute editor and changed name to Options


Prep for Upgrades

Preparing to Upgrade CMS to PHP Version 8


Database Clean

Cleaned database stats to remove stats older than 3 years.


Attributes Update

Quickly add new attributes or upgrade/alternate versions and assign them to a product


Update to Media Manager

Added New Drag and Drop Files to Media Manager making uploading much easier to upload a whole directory of images or files.


Attribute Editor Overhaul

Attributes are now assigned per product allowing easy creation and assignment to every product


Newsletter Tracker

Redesigned and Developed the Newsletter Tracker Stats details now possible to view tracker for send to all newsletters



Updates to the benchmark system sending warning emails if the website loads slowly


Make HTML version

Create the html version of your website with one click ensuring your website is available when database errors occur


Backup Added to main smenu

Quickly backup the database before any work commences so we can revert if any problems arise


Update to User Editor

Showing Purchases and other useful details on User s list as well as allowing multiple users to be selected and updated together


How to Guides Added

Added a new section for How to Guides...  Showing step by step on how to do the most common functions within the CMS


SEO Meta Data Updates

New SEO Meta Data features make adding Meta Data faster and easier as well as showing duplicate entries and missing data


Media Manager Thumbnail Creator

Added feature to create thumbnails for every image within a folder and store them in the thumbnails folder


Database Failure page now shows HTML version

If a database error occurs the system will now show the saved html version of the page trying to load


HTML Backup of all pages

Complete backup of all pages to HTML ready for offline or database errors


Enhancements to the Newsletter System

Creation of a html versions of each newsletter, sending that rather than building the entire newsletter every time, also allowing for faster sending and personalisation features


General Work

Tidying up and bug fixing


Domains Increase in Price

Domains have increased in price due to the exchange rate being so poor.


Customer Manager U0pdates

Updated display properties of your customers, adding new features and fixing bugs. 


Dashboard Live Stats

Added best selling products top 5


Quiz, Survey, Question Editor Enhandements

Enhancements and added features to the Quiz, Survey and Question Editor now allows multiple templates and answers can be shown or hidden until the end, emails sent with CSV data for import into any spreadsheet.


Login Security

Updating the login security checking against previous logins and determining whether a new user or attempted hack.


Question Editor Enhancements

Enhanced the Question Editor to manage Questions, Surveys and now Quizzes


Survey system updated

Loads of new features for our survey builder, making for a simple to build, use, send and collate surveys.


SEO Meta Data update

Making it easier and faster to find pages without Meta Data and edit the details ensuring SEO work is working on each page


Gift Card Emailer

Corrected some issues with the gift card system when sending automatically to customers after purchase is successful.


Order Processing Front End

Created a new Front End management tool for those customers who do not want to login to the full backend CMS.


Newsletter Redesign

Developed a Drag and Drop system allowing styles to be positioned quickly to create a layout ready to populate with content.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Send emails to customers who added items to their basket, registered but did not pirchase, allowing them to continue the process.  Also create and send a discount voucher to convince them to purchase.. 


Discount Codes

Discounts can now be created and sent to abandoned basket customers


Duplicate Products

Now products can be duplicated making it easy to create new products based on existing products.


Dashboard Live Stats

Updates live stats on the login dashboard to show more relevant sales data


SEO Meta Data Update

When updating Content Names the system now updates the Meta Name URL link keeping all the meta data connected to the right piece of content


Dashboard now shows attempted logins

A good way to see if your website is under attack is to see how many attempted and failed logins have occurred, this has now been added to the dashboard live data.


Quick pricing updates for Products

along with the stock update I have now added a quick update for the List price and RRP of products from the list of products


Quickly Hide or Show Content

CSelecting Hide or Show Content icons now stays on the page rather than having to refresh, making this faster and easier.


SEO Enhancements

Added a visual representation of what the search engine results would look like when SEO details are updated


Quick and easy navigation

When editing content new navigation has been added to move quickly and easily between the content.


Gift Card Creation

If a cart contains a Gift Card that was not created then admin can now click a link to create the gift card.


Create Vouchers for Abandoned Carts

Create and send voucher codes to abandoned carts enticing them to return to your store


Product Manager Page Jump

As well as next and previous buttons it is now possible to put the page number of a product and it jumps straight to that product item


Discount Voucher Manager

Create Discount Vouchers for use in your shop and send a nicely designed email to customers.


Product Attributes Enhanced

Added new editor for attribute creation for ecommerce product


Dashboard live data additions

Added inbound advertising and tracked advertising links to dashboard


Sort Dashboard Display

Sort the dashboard to show the details in the order that they are important to you.


Dashboard Enhancements

Displaying sales data including Abandoned Carts, Sales for the past week along with who's online now, how many people are logged in, people at checkout and baskets created


DRA Opens a Simple Shop

I have opened a simple shop to show an example of what is possible, whether you are selling physical or digital products and services.


eCommerce Order System

Updates to the Ordering system showing notes as updates are made.


Abandoned Cart Email

Send an abandoned cart email to customers to remind them what they were purchasing.


Members Editor

Enhanced Members editor, making it easier to manage your Users, Members, and Customers


Digital Downloads

Enhanced digital download system allowing digital products to be sold from our simple ecommerce system.


Edit CSV and Text files

You can now Edit CSV and TEXT files direct from the Media Manager


Secure External Email Service

Allows Web services to send using your external email services such as Gmail or Outlook or others, making it less likely to being blocked or bounced.


CMS Updates

SQL database and code updates now implemented to make it easier for me to update all CMS in one go.


Complete Email Overhaul

Major Email Overhaul preventing emails being rejected or bounced


meta Update

All meta fields now show character and word count.


Enhanced Content Editor

Some new features to make viewing and editing the content easier.


SEO enhanced

New SEO features added to enable better search engine features on e-commerce products


Variable Editor

Enhancements to the Variable Editor making it easier to edit variables quickly including copying all variables from a content item and pasting all variables directly into another product.


Export stock levels

Export stock list to CSV or XML allowing you to update your stock quickly then import


Export enhancements

CSV and XML export enhancements


New Function Features

Additional features added to function list allowing for easier additions to content.


Live Data Feed

Live data feed added to dashboard charts


Ad manager Dashboard Display

adding new stats to show ad data


Dashboard Design Enhancements

Added ability to sort the dashboard layout and save for each individual user and the Default settings.


Ad Manager


Product Manager


Sales Manager


Newsletter Manager


Mailing list Manager


Gift Card Manager


Online Sales Portal


Enhancements across the CMS


SEO Updates

Some new features added to make SEO work easier and faster.


Contacts Manager


Update of CMS to Version 7.0


Update of CMS to Version 6.0


Update of CMS to Version 5.0


New CMS Control Panel

I am working on a new control panel to bring it up to date and work more efficiently on our new servers.  The old CMS will continue to work until we have upgraded and transferred all older sites across to our new servers.  Please let me know if you would like to trial the new CMS and I can set it up on your account first.


Server Upgrades

We have begun the process of upgrading our servers to shiny new, fast and more efficient PHP7.  If you have had work carried out on your website within the past year and your coding is PHP7 ready then your domains and website will be transferred across.  If you have an older system then we will not be able to transfer until your website is updated.


Category Selector in eCommerce editor

You can now select to show a specific category within the e-Commerce editor, drop down appears next to the number of items to show section at top, select a category and only that set of products will be seen.


New SEO management package

We are launching a new service and would like to offer this to our current clients at a discount rate; from 50GBP per month for 12 month contract, for us to monitor your website throughout the year ensuring your site is running at its optimum.  During the contract period we will check and update your website, add and check xml sitemap and robot files, create title tags, create meta tags, design a Favicon, check site links, check offsite links, check for duplicate content and duplicate tags, 404 page creation and error checks, link enhancements and fixes, landing page creation if required, tracking codes for ads and links set up to see how your marketing budget is working for you.  We can also add Google analytics codes for even more data gathering.  Call David or Christina now for more information.


Advanced Contact Manager

We have developed a new Contact Manager that allows quick and easy responses to your customers.  They fill in your contact form, an email is sent to you and an optional SMS direct to your mobile phone, click a simple link to respond to the email using set responses.  The customer receives your response email and can even set a date with a calendar entry if required.  If you are interested in this feature please let us know.


Extra Shiny New Fields

A new feature has been added to our content editor allowing multiple new fields to be created and used within your content.  Adding a new content field called SKU for instance can then contain a SKU code to identify items and then be included within your content using {sku} code.  This can also be used within new pages created specifically to include those fields such as product SKU codes within Google shopping system.


Weekly Stats become Monthly Stats

Welcome to the new Monthly Stats.  We are not really sure if anyone is really paying attention to our weekly stats, we have re-engineered them so they look much better, in our opinion, and will only be sending them monthly.  This means that at the beginning of each month the stats will be sent out for the previous month, this should make things easier to analyse and understand what is happening with your website.  Your stats should come through between the 2nd and 10th of each month depending on your particular backup settings.  Let us know what you think.


e-Commerce Updates

We are making a huge number of changes to our e-Commerce system, including easier ways to check stock levels and import and export products.  The latest change allows you to view stock levels and adjust them with one click + or - to quickly update them.  View products in stock or out of stock and then adjust accordingly.  Stay tuned for more changes.


Wish List System

Allow your customers to build a wish list and send it to their friends and family, reminding them of what they wanted to buy.  Need this added to your website then contact us and we will make it happen for you.


Table Editor Direct in the Content Editor

Now you can edit tables directly within the Content Editor, no need to jump back and forth, insert Tables easily and quickly.


Import and work on new Products

Update of our Product Editor allows importing of new Products to an editing area, allowing the products to be worked on prior to making them live.  Archiving of Products allows older/discontinued products to be archived but remain on the system for reference within the shipping management tool.  Archived Products and New Products are not available to the general visitors on the site and will not be shown within the shop front.  Method of use would be 1.  Import new Products 2.  Edit New Products 3.  Move old products across to Archive 4.  Move New Products to Active list.


File Manager

Updated the file manager to make viewing and selecting files a lot easier.  Files are now colour coded to make them much easier to identify.  The Browser system will be upgraded to use the same system very soon.


Related Products and Ratings System

We are working on adding a new Ratings and Review System on to our eCommerce platform, along with a much anticipated Related Products for those products you need to sell alongside other products as well as for up-selling.  If you are interested please contact David or Christina now to install these great new features and schedule the work.


e-Commerce Updates

We are in the process of updating the layout and features in our e-Commerce system.  Many of these new features will be included as part of our ongoing work, some features will be available to add on.  Please stay tuned for specific details.


Google Street View photography

David is now a Google Approved Photographer and able to add your business premises to the Google Street View service, allowing your customers to go inside your business and look around while online using their browser.  Book your free assessment now.


Multi-lingual websites

Our multi-lingual website feature is now available, if you would like to run your website in multiple languages then contact us now and we can convert your site.


New Login Page

Hope you all like the new Login Page which now makes it easier to contact us at DRA, as well as getting a reminder of your password if you happen to forget it.  Please let us know if you experience any issues.


Check for Updates

When starting up the dashboard of the CMS you should notice a new, green, button at the top, 'Check for Updates', this allows a download of the latest CMS to be made.  Click the button to see if the CMS is up to date and running the latest version.


Multi-Lingual Sites

We are working on a new feature to allow multi-languages to be used.  Several options will be available ranging from simply enabling the multi-lingual system ready for the translations up to the complete package including translating the site.  Whether you want to translate the content or just the navigation we will be able to handle all aspects of a multi-lingual site design.  Ask for a quote now based on your requirements.


Webmail update

It is now possible to change your password when logged in to our webmail service.

Classic Webmail:
1.  Select 'Options' from the top menu
2.  Click on the link for 'Change Password'

Advanced Webmail:
1.  Select the 'Personal Settings' link from the top menu
2.  Select the 'Password' tab


Multiple File Uploader

The file browser and media centre now handles multiple uploads.  You may now select multiple files using SHIFT + Select or drag and highlight using your mouse.  Please be patient with the uploader as dealing with multiple files can increase the time the server does not respond.  Please do not refresh or move away from the page until the uploads are complete.  We will be adding some visual progress bars eventually.


More updates have been made

We have been updating the CMS steadily without interfering with the running of your website.

Here are just a few;

Spam killer for blogs, when someone posts a spammy link just click the Spam and the details will be added to a spam black list. 
Delete a link in comments with one easy click. 
Search feature for content (in CMS) now shows how many items containing your search term.
Blog post counter for each user.
New login tracker, now you can see how often and more importantly how long each user has logged in each month.
So many more new SEO features including Landing Page editor, easy SEO updates, etc.  Call us for more information.


Comments OFF

For those clients using our Blog system we have added a new way of turning comments on and off. 

You may now, with one click, turn comments off throughout your entire site or for individual posts. 

In your new improved CMS you will notice in the Blog posts content that there is a new icon showing Comments On or Comments Off.  One click is enough.  Site wide comments can be switched off using the drop down menu at top right, and selecting Comments Off. 

Again any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.


Updating Client CMS systems

We have spent the last six months updating our CMS to make it more user friendly and easier to manage.  Version 4.0 is a whole new direction for us which will hopefully make managing your website much easier.

We are now in the process of updating all users to our new CMS version 4.0, This may take some time so please be patient with us. 

Any feedback would be gratefully received.  If you have any issues during or after this update please let us know and we will schedule work immediately.


CMS Update Version 4.0

We are currently upgrading our CMS to version 4.0 with the main aim to make it easier to use and cleaner in style.

Hopefully we will be rolling this out over the next few weeks, although we will continue to work on it over the next few months.

Another option that we are trying hard to complete is a WYSIWYG editor for bloggers, this will allow a Microsoft Word style editor allowing you to see what will be displayed on the blog.  This editor will most likely be installed at a small charge to cover our development costs but this charge will depend on how many of you would like the editor in the first instance.  If you are interested in this editor please contact us.


Enquiry form Tracking

It is now possible for you to track your visitor enquiries, without logging in or checking your stats.  A new feature allows all the details of an enquiry to be added to the end of the email, so you will see where they came from and which web pages they visited before filling in the enquiry form.  This is very important information as you can now track whether links or adverts you are paying for online are working for you without having to check your stats as each enquiry form will contain a tracer showing where the lead was generated from.  Please let us know if this service is of interest and if you would like it installed on your website.


New button bar features

New buttons available on news editor as well as blog editor;

SoundCloud audio player

More text to separate text, place a [---] code in your main text and when the system displays shortened versions this will be the cutoff point or also known as introduction text.


New features added

We are in the process of updating our CMS layout and look, making it easier to navigate and more obvious for what to do.

Any ideas or suggestions please email us.