Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We'll find out how well your website is actually doing in the search engines, look for any mistakes in your websites code that may be holding you back, look for missed opportunities you and your competition are not taking advantage off.  Then we'll come up with a plan either you can carry out yourself, or we'll do all the hard work for you.

By the end of it, you'll do better in the search engines and see an increase in revenue.

If you want to know more about the boring stuff behind technical SEO then you'll find lots to read below:-

We use industry-leading tools to audit and improve all aspects of your website.  We will diagnose faults, provide actionable recommendations and guide future development with a clear SEO roadmap.

User Experience
A slow website, poor navigation and a ugly design can kill your digital marketing efforts, so we'll make sure your users are getting the best experience by providing technical insight into how problems occur, and come up with the best solutions for your website.

Site Architecture
We can advise on the best way to build product pages, structure categories, optimise site search and use filters to make your site easy for users and search engines alike.

Keyword Research
We'll help you identify opportunities.  These insights will help guide site development.

Speed & Security
We've helped companies from SMEs to larger ecommerce optimise their sites for page speed and security.  We can help with HTTPS migrations and secure payment systems, and anything else required to make your site accessible.

Mobile SEO
You need to be optimised for multiple devices to compete.  We will show you how to make your website accessible to all your visitors, and optimise specifically for small screens and limited connection speeds.

Link Hygiene
We will review the quantity and quality of links to yours' and your competitors' sites to highlight opportunities, or clean up past unethical link-building.  We can even help you reclaim lost links by highlighting broken pages and incorrect redirects.

Site Migration
We have planned and executed site migrations for SMEs and large ecommerce businesses in the UK and Europe.  We look at the architecture, redirections, technology and best practice to ensure your website is migrated seamlessly.

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