Blacklisted IP

Blacklisted IP address

What is Blacklisting
A blacklist is a directory of addresses that are blocked from using a service, in the case of email any blacklisted address will be marked as spam and either deleted or returned to the sender.

My Email bounced because my IP address is blacklisted

Sometimes you may send an email from your account and it is bounced back with a message stating your IP address has been placed on a blacklist.

How can I fix this?

Most likely this is a temporary issue and will go away, try waiting and resending the email later.  Otherwise try contacting the recipient and asking for your domain name to be added to their White list (or approved list), if they cannot whitelist your domain name then ask that your IP address be whitelisted, once either of this happens then your emails should not get bounced from that recipient again.

What is my IP address?

The IP address of your sending mail server should be shown in the bounced email, in the bounced message section, usually referring to the IP and the reason why the email was denied.

Why does this happen?

Some ISP's or email services use a Realtime Black List service (RBL) to block email from suspected spammers.  Users can mark email as spam and this is passed back to the RBL service which then, depending on certain criteria, may blacklist your IP address which in turn blocks all mail from that IP address regardless of domain. 

But I don't send spam.  How did my IP get blacklisted?

We use a number of servers to send mail, across all our registered domains, so if someone is sending spam then that IP may well be blacklisted affecting all the domains using that IP address.  Usually RBL services are temporary and IP address will be delisted, eventually, once this happens your emails will then get through.

What does DRA do about this?

DRA cannot prevent RBL services from blacklisting our mail server IP addresses, or prevent other domains from sending spam.  Occasionally in the bounced email you will see a link to get your IP address delisted, we suggest that you follow this link and try to delist your IP address, once delisted try resending the email.

Actually, I am sending spam messages

Oh, well in that case, please stop using your domain to send spam as it will affect other users on our servers.

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