Is It Still Worth Having A Website For Business Purposes

Is It Still Worth Having A Website For Business Purposes

By Christina

Oct 26, 2021

When you've had a busy stressful day and your website, social media and any other platform you use to sell your products from all need to be updated, sometimes it feels like cutting something out would make your busy work life so much easier.  Often websites can become the victim of this process.  But right now, at the time of writing, it is still absolutely necessary to have a website.

There is a common misconception that a social media business page is all you need to run a business.  Social media certainly helps with exposure and promoting your business, but a website showcases everything you have to offer, and all the products/services will be listed in a manageable way enabling the consumer to easily find what they want.

Here are some of the reasons you should have a website.

You don't have to pay as many fees to run your own website

If you choose to sell products through a social media platform or market place such as Amazon, eBay, or Esty then you are paying fees for every sale you make.

You'll cut these fees out if you have your own website.

You have complete control of your website

With social media, you are limited to their platform and algorithms.  You can upload your logos and branding images, but you can't change the layout of your business page or control the users journey towards making a sale.

A website can be completely customised to reflect your brand, as well as concentrating on the user experience and helping them through the sales funnel as painlessly as possible.

Google loves a good quality website

Running a website is hard work, but all marketing and sales efforts are.  Anyone who is serious about making money, either as a lifestyle business or as a large corporation, knows anything they do concerning their business is going to require hard work.  But working smart can take some of the burden away.  A website can be automated and collect leads, make sales reduce admin and accountancy tasks, while you sleep.

If you want a better chance of appearing in search results in front of those who are searching for exactly what you are selling, then you'll need a fully optimised, unique website that showcases your expertise within your field.

People still use Google to find and research local businesses, Google is going to list websites over and above Social Media accounts.  If you don't have a website you are missing a huge opportunity to capture people as they start their research into what company to buy from.

Your website gives you control over keywords you use and the page the consumer will land on.  This gives you a better chance at being seen in the search results and enticing the consumer through your doors.

Having a website establishes credibility

A website makes a business look more credible.  It shows you are serious about business, especially when your website looks professional and hasn't been thrown together by yourself, or your best mate who isn't a designer and knows nothing about customer experience.  It really does help build trust and helps to get consumers to buy from you.

Your competitors have a website

If your main competitor has a website then you are being left behind if you don't.  You are not going to have the same competitive edge without a website. 

If a consumer trusts you and has a choice of buying from a company's own website, or having to contact them through social media, then the website will always win.  Your products on your website will often be cheaper than they can be on a market place, because you'll need to pass the sales fees the marketing place charges you onto your customer.  If you have customers who are price sensitive, then it makes sense to have your own website.

A website means you are always open for business

Consumers can access your website 24/7, having a website means you reach those consumers who wouldn't be able to make it to your premises during the day.  Also the consumer can find out everything they need from your website, so they don't have to wait until you are back manning your social media account to answer any questions they may have.

Websites are a cost effective marketing tool

There are plenty of website building platforms available that make it easy to set up your first website on your own.  But in the long run as you use more features they end up being more expensive then using a professional designer.

As soon as you want to be seen as a serious business, it's time to contact a professional website designer/developer.  They will create a website that works around your companies unique needs and your users experience.  It also leaves you time to get on with selling your products/services, instead of trying to wear many hats and doing everything yourself.

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