Childcare and Nursery Website Design

Date: 2022

Client: Kingswood Nursery

Location: Essex

Website: Visit Live site

What we did

  • Hosting
  • Design
  • CMS
  • Website Management
  • Advanced Form Design

Kingswood Nursery liked their original website and just wanted to keep it up to date, choosing the right website hosting and management is key to ensuring a website is maintained and updated regularly.

What we did for Kingswood Nursery

Transferring to us they can now rest knowing that updates are an email or a phone call away if they do not have time to update the website themselves, all part of the service.

Using our unique Survey and Question form editor a registration page, with over 150 questions, was designed and created allowing their customers to register as quickly and easily as possible.

Childcare and Nursery Website Design
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