How to Import Products From Images
Create all your product content based on the images within a folder

Create a folder named appropriately to the products you are going to import


You can of course create a folder inside this if you wish to break down your products by categories


  • mens
  • womens
  • kids

This is to separate all the images so it makes it easier to find and categorise later

Store your photos in the appropriate folder

Rename all the photos exactly as you would want them named as products in your shop/web page.

Before you upload

Use - instead of a space
Use all lowercase letters

Not only will this help with the import it will help with the search engines categorising and listing your images as valid searches.


  • brown-leather-jacket.jpg
  • black-suede-jacket.jpg
  • parka.jpg
  • berghaus-hydrosheill.jpg
  • etc.

The imported products will take on the exact name of the image.


  • brown-leather-jacket.jpg will be listed as Brown Leather Jacket


Before we start we need to create the categories where the products will be placed

Select eCommerce and Categories from the side menu

Create your listing eg.  shop

Create your categories eg.  mens

Create your subcategories eg.  jackets

Create as many categories/sub-categories as you need or do one at a time

Click the create folders button which will create the folders in your media section

Now we need to upload your images

Select Media from the side menu

If you do not have a product, shop or alternate folder:

Click the create folder button and type (in lowercase) products and click create

Select this folder

Now if they do not exist then ;

Create your folders for the types of products in exactly the same way


  • create mens
  • create womens
  • create kids
  • etc.

Select the folder you will be working on

Click the upload button

You can either upload 1 at a time or select up to 20 images

Once you have uploaded all your images;

If you have not created thumbnails;

Click the triple dot icon at top right

Select Create Thumbnails

This will create thumbnails of all the images in this folder unless a thumbnail image already exists

Once all your thumbnails have been created;

Click the triple dot button on the right top of the media page

Select Create Content

Choose the content type eg.products

Select the category eg.  mens

Select the subcategory eg.  jackets

Click the CREATE button

All the products will be created.

Go to eCommerce Products to view and edit the products, set details such as Price, RRP, Description, etc.

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