Online Retail Website Design

A new design for Christinas website was undertaken to bring everything together and simplify the navigation and pages, making the SEO a simpler task and easier for her customers to find content.

Simple Shopping Cart System and Gift Cards

The simple Cart System was added to allow Christinas to start selling Seeds and eventually plants and other products, along with Gift Cards to take advantage of the gifting market worth over £1bn and growing each year.

Gift cards allows her customers to send gifts to their loved ones, designs were created for various special occasions allowing customers to choose from a wide range of designs and values.

Simple Shopping Cart System and Gift Cards
Seed Packet Design

Seed Packet Design

Creating a simple Seed packet design to save on costs for envelopes and expensive packaging, also giving Christinas a unique package style.

Book Editing and Artwork Cleanup

Publishing a book can be a laborious and time consuming task, I created a template for Christinas Book to make it easier to manage.

Scanned all hand-drawn images, cleaned the images of spots and dust, sharpened all the lines and made them as clear as possible ready for sending to the publishers.

Once completed I created a sample PDF for checking and proofing.

When signed off a high quality pdf was exported and uploaded to the publishers ready for printing.

The final product is available direct from Amazon.

Book Editing and Artwork Cleanup
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